6 Emerging Mobile Trends Post COVID-19

Mobile Trends for App Development in Bangalore Post-COVID-19 


COVID-19 Pandemic will not only going have a lasting effect on our economy but it will also change our daily lives and things will not be the same post this infection.

While this pandemic has forced many business and Android developers in Bangalore to reduce their operations, affecting their bottom lines. But this has led to accelerating the growth of some emerging technologies.   

This is especially true for innovations and advancements which reduces human contact, automated processes, and increases productivity and encourages social distancing.

As more and more data becomes apparent, there is plenty of room for some businesses to adjust their efficiency due to COVID and can come out stronger on the other end.

This post of B2C Info Solutions an award-winning Mobile app development Company in Bangalore provides five emerging mobile trends that may likely witness boost post this deadly virus.

Let's start

  1. Live-streaming apps- This concept will continue to be expanded to other smart home components implicated as major germ hubs. As more T.V and entertainment components, light switches, appliances, and alarm systems incorporate voice control functionality, there is no need to touch them. Rather than going to theatres to watch a movie or match in the stadium, people will prefer watching the same on these platforms. And it provides them an option to save and download their favorite shows and movies so that they can enjoy it as per their convenient time.


  1. 5G Connectivity-  The industry buzz surrounding 5G technology and its severe impact on the next generation connectivity over the last year or so. But this technology is yet available. 5G is a modified version of 4G it is an entirely new network infrastructure. This holds the potential to revolutionize the mobile network functioning and telecom service providers are slow to roll out the technology, offering limited 5G service. But as of now, telecom providers are hesitant to provide 5G services because they are not confident that the demand among consumers is there or not. However, with the prevailing COVID-19, the 5G market may come into operations than expected. As more people are forced to isolate themselves and increase in working and studying from home has been stressing networks and creating a higher demand for bandwidth. Back in October 2019, a study predicted that there would be more than 1 billion users worldwide by mid-2023 taking less time than 4G to reach this milestone. However, now people have now realized the need for faster data with increased connectivity speeds, an acceleration in 5G technology to ensure the bandwidth will be reaching us more quickly to us now.


  1. Cloud Computing- Like 5G Technology, Cloud Computer isn't that heard of while there are some cloud-based applications were gaining popularity well before COVID-19. Their ability to access remote servers and store a large amount of data without affecting device storage has proven to be highly beneficial throughout this pandemic. Looking at the current scenario, cloud technology is likely to receive an increase in the implementation of all types of applications. As the virus is spreading from human to human, people are working from remote locations and many schools have come with up online learning modules. The demand for cloud-based conferencing and teaching has skyrocketed. Various cloud service providers have now actively upgraded their functions and provided resources to meet the increasing demand including the likes of Zoom and Skype. Moving forward, business and educational institutions are like to continue the technology trend as students and employee's behavior will change. As demand for this technology continues to be growing, thus the implementation of this technology into mobile will be key for easy access.


  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Post COVID-19, consumer behavior won't go back the same as pre-pandemic norms. Consumers will purchase products and services online. As companies begin to navigate the post-COVID-19 world as economies likely to reopen slowly, the application with AI assistance can be very helpful in adapting the new trends. AI will be particularly useful within the supply chain and retail industries. Through machine learning and advanced analytics, AI will help these companies to detect new purchasing patterns and deliver a greater professional experience to the customers. AI tools analyze large amounts of data to learn new ways of working patterns, enabling computer systems to make effective decisions and among other major decisions. AI-enabled systems also continuously learn and adapt. These capabilities will valuable as companies confront and adapt to the next normal once this pandemic subsides.


  1. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR and AR)- Not only this pandemic there is an increased number of people using VR headsets to play video or explore new travel destinations and partake in online entertainment as they isolate at home. Various business is also experimenting with VR platforms to train employees, hold conferences, collaborate on projects, and connect employees virtually. Now business and consumers know the extent to which this technology can be used, we are likely to see more virtual conferences and human interactions as our new normal sets in.


  1. Voice-tech in Mobile apps- As consumers are becoming increasingly concerned that they are mobile devices (estimated touched more than 2600 times per day) can spread coronavirus. As there is immense fear in spreading the germs grows, so the use of tech that can reduce the number of times one touches any surface, including our mobile devices. A recent study conducted in December 2019 revealed that many consumers use voice tech devices to ask general questions, stream music, and get updates on sports, traffic, weather, and other things.



The aftermath condition of COVID-19 will be the same as other global crises, this will certainly accelerate the growth of some technologies discussed above.

As companies begin their shift focus towards recovery, they must continue their investment in digital transformation as this infection has forced them to continue to leverage the power of mobile technologies.

By staying up-to-date with the latest emerging technologies business will position themselves to get above when all this abides. 

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