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What exactly is Flutter?

It is a software development kit and an astounding cross-app platform app development tool launched by Google. It uses Dart Language for programming. Flutter was launched in 2018 with features that were missing in the previous cross-app platform development tool. Apps built with flutter can easily run on Android, iOS, and Google Fuchsia which is another app development platform developed by Google.

What makes flutter so desirable?

Before the developers begin building a mobile application, business owners wants to know
about the type of app development it supports and ones that do not support it.
Flutter is not a choice if you are developing.

Instant or Progressive Web Apps

These type of apps needs to be smaller in size and on the other hand, the app builds with flutter are larger than native apps.

Apps requiring native libraries

Flutter is new and it does not have all the native libraries in its repository so if any common native is demand, it becomes a complicated process. In that case, developers will have to add custom mobile channels which definitely take time.

Applications Communicating to hardware via Bluetooth

This feature can be built separately for both Android and iOS and then added to the flutter. However, this might be a time-consuming process.

One Framework,
Endless Benefits for your business

From an app owner's point of view, developing an app with flutter is highly
beneficial and comparatively less costly. Here are some of the advantages of using flutter app development.

Perfect for MVP

Flutter is the perfect choice to build quickly to it to show your investors and that makes the process less time-consuming and build native looking for an app for both android and iOS platforms.

Less Coding

As discussed earlier flutter uses Dart Programming Language which is an object-oriented computer programming language. It does not need a new program if any changes are made because it allows the reloading.

Cross-Platform Development

Flutter is a cross-app platform development tool. This coding is done only once and then the same coding can be done on other platforms as well. Flutter is the only access for development in Google’s fuchsia platform.

Different Themes

Mostly, the themes for the android and iOS apps are quite similar. But flutter allows putting in different themes while coding for the platforms.

Why Hire Flutter App Developers from
B2C Info Solutions?

  • Technical and Creative development team

    We have a skilled team of developers and designers that carries in-depth industry knowledge and delivers app solutions that are easily compatible with multiple devices.

  • Transparent and Client-centric approach

    We have transparent efficiency and a client-oriented approach that makes us understand your requirements and deliver the best possible results.

  • Flexible in Operations

    We are flexible in our operations and this is the feature that makes us unique from others. We build apps that meet your business requirements and fit in your pocket too.

  • Doyen of Industry

    We hold over a decade of industry experience implementing a range of technologies in various sectors. We have provided outstanding mobility solutions for every industry which was a vision of our clients.

What is the future of Flutter App Development?

It is often seen that there is some compromise between quality and productivity while developing separate apps for iOS and Android. Thus, Google launched flutter as a cross-development tool.

Flutter is there in the development market for quite some time now and its future seems very bright. Recently, Google launched Flutter 1.7 with some advanced features such as a game controller and much more. There is nothing wrong with saying this version is quite powerful than the previous ones. Flutter has quite potential and if it would fill the gap of quality and productivity then this will soon take over the app market.

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