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App Development

We combine the power of open source platforms and game-changing blockchain technology to develop secure and scalable apps for various platforms. Team B2C Info Solutions has developed on public blockchains for various industries like healthcare, e-commerce, food delivery etc.



Bitcoin is the most popular trend and tesla owner elon musk has invested in the same creating more hype for it. B2C info solutions have the right team of experts who have worked with bitcoin core and delivered numerous digital solutions for clients located across the globe.


Wallet Solutions

Technical ninjas at B2C Info Solutions have developed wallet-based digital solutions with your line of business applications. We use rest APIs that make apps more flexible and scalable to perform multiple platforms.


Smart Contracts Development

B2C Info Solutions has implemented customized smart contracts on numerous platforms. We automate the routine transactions of your business through customized smart contracts not only can integrate we the same in your existed applications.

Industries that We Cater Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain allows sharing of medical records across hospitals and several medical institutions increasing patient care. Moreover, patients can access the same data more preciously.

The security and trust associated with the advanced blockchain technology help banks and financial institutions to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Blockchain offers a solution to the customers, stakeholders enabling faster transactions besides increasing operational efficiency and minimizing fraud.

In the retail sector, the uses of blockchain technology can simplify processes such as inventory control and operations management along with enhancing customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Blockchain
for your business?

The use of blockchain technology can help businesses to collaborate while reducing costs and saving time.

  • Blockchain saves time and effort as there is no need to reconsider your ledgers.
  • The networks of blockchain technology are incorruptible as all transactions are recorded permanently.
  • Blockchain can help businesses to reduce an operation cost which in turn enhances efficiency.
  • The technology grants access privileges to members of the network.

B2C Info Solutions

The right Technology Partner for Blockchain services

Dedicated Blockchain Developers

We have a specialized team employing all the latest technologies to develop scalable and highly functional web and mobile applications.

Cost-effective apps

We assure our clients that they receive top-notch blockchain at affordable prices maintaining supremacy at the same time.

Customized Solutions

Our team exhibits versatility by delivering customized app solutions meeting all your business requirements.

Agile working culture

Our team uses an agile working process that means minimum risks and transparency in working.

App Store Deployment

We manage the entire process of app store submission that includes listing, description, assets, and more.

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