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Eternal Digital Solutions for Automobile Manufacturing Companies

The automobile business is currently one of the most sought out industries in the world. And now with its emerging implementation, it is evident how sustained scope it has in the future. Since the pandemic has hit, Automobile manufacturing firms have initiated clouting on this mechanization. Now, to sustain the cyclonic competition in the market, there's no way you can remain without opting this tech for your brand.

B2C Info Solutions - A leading automobile app development company providing scalable solutions for over 10 years, can help you seize the competitive edge by forging your business in the raging fire of automated systems & cutting-edge technology.

Our automotive app development services are practiced, promised and tested by several known brands across the globe. With years of practice, and a capable crew of 70+ techies, we have developed an unmatched skill in building Taxi Booking App, Car Sharing App, Car Tracking App, Connected Car Application, News Portal, Car Trading (Buying & Selling) Application, and more.

Benefits of choosing our Automobile App Development Solutions

Infinite Performance

Our team comprises some top skilled engineers possessing years of experience in working in the automotive industry. Being a maestro of their work, they are armed to the teeth with exceptional, performance-oriented and industry-specific skills to deliver infinite performance for your business.

Radical Features

Our record says how much success our clients endure through the feature-rich app we have built. Never compromising on quality is our tenacity. We might take a few hours extra, but the features we embed in our automotive applications provide a completely unparalleled experience.

Utopian Operation Management

Competition is quite fierce out there. Hence, we prefer building your application capable enough to facilitate your business processes in every possible manner. In this, we plan & actionize every crucial strategy needed from designing to development and ultimate marketing the total solution.

Monitoring Vehicles

Keeping a track of all your vehicles through our automotive App build is a no-brainer. The wide range of advanced features we incorporate in your app helps in smart monitoring of all your vehicular assets while providing AI suggestions about how to improve your costs.

Real-Time Interplay

In strive of delivering scratch-free services, our automotive app development team works day and night with real-time interaction services to our users with 100% access rights and multi-layer security for better decision making.

Cost-Efficient Methodologies

We harness every inch of smart tools we have in our arsenal to follow an economically advantageous process for your Automobile app builds. This is a significant part of our plan of action which enables us to deliver the best in class app solutions at the most inexpensive rate in the market.

Our Agenda

We yearn to boost your automotive & industrial business using our state-of-the-art technology. The tools we bring into action pledges to help you surpass the frantic competition in the market, and that too without a scratch.

Evaluate & Meet Customer Needs

We build you app solutions to understand your customer and stay one step ahead of your rivalries by meeting their wants, not just needs.

Result Driven Approach

We have a tendency of carrying a result-driven approach while providing the best app solutions. This helps brands like yours to cater to your audience tactically.

Cross-Platform Solutions

We value the power of scalability. Thereby our Automotive app solutions mostly adhere to work on multiple platforms to not let any client stay out of your reach.

Cloud-Enabling Solutions

Technological challenges won't even food around your business. Our cloud services are just like snipers grouped to shoot any presumed faults about to arise.

App Panel Insights

The application panels we contrive help in conducting, analyzing & diagnosing the real-time risks while providing expert’s assistance for the automotive businesses

  • Manage Product Inventory

  • Manage complaints (if any)

  • Manage Cars

  • Manage Users / Customers

  • Quick & Easy Quote

  • Featured Advertisement Compatibility

Avant-Garde Tech Standards

Automobile Industry has a brilliant future, but this doesn't mean we should take this thing for granted. We have integrated the latest technical standards in our automobile applications, and some of them are these.

AI Interface

  • Helps you gain insights within the vehicle.

  • Helps you monitor the position of the driver.

  • Helps you learn driver's behaviour.

  • Helps in anticipating user's requirements for better human vehicle interaction.

Internet Of Things

  • Smart sensors of IoT get you crucial data.

  • Easily manage your automobile business in vital industries.

  • It also helps to collect & processing users' & dealers' data to get you valuable insights.


  • Helps your automobile application in fleet management.

  • Helps in tracking several parameters such as - car location, fuel consumption, speed level, etc.

  • Helps in evaluating user behaviour and automobile packages.

  • strategy services

    strategy services

    We provide you with the strategic guidance that helps you to explore

  • We make sure your App product is easy to use and perform optimally in correlation with business objectives

    UI & UX

    We make sure your App product is easy to use and perform optimally in correlation with business objectives

  • Application development

    Application development

    We follow distributed agile methodology for project management as per the defined roadmap

  • Testing and development go hand in hand so that the client will receive intermediate builds for testing

    Testing & maintenance

    Testing and development go hand in hand so that the client will receive intermediate builds for testing

  • application marketing

    application marketing

    B2C indulges with the Client to optimize the App performance on the store and formulate best marketing strategies in place.

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