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How We Do The Magic - We Design, Develop, and Deliver.



Discover and strategies is the starting point of every project. We provide you with the strategic guidance that helps you to explore all creative angles and channelize toward meeting your business objectives. We do lot of brainstorming before scrutinizing the proposed concept into feature set. We streamline your requirement into a digital strategy considering the capital and market competition. High ROI is important, hence, B2C ensure you of creating a strategy that delivers results. Our subject matter experts transform your business idea into a bible for the designers to work on wire-frames and pass it on to the designing team.



Our expert design team ensures that your product has that wow factor which led to the innovation of great overall user experience. We make sure your product is easy to use and perform optimally in correlation with business objectives. While working on the designs, our artists take care of minutest details in mind that results in inspiring designs with top-grade Interface. We factors the details into multiple modules like registration process, understanding the product flow and engaging the user to use the app constantly. In accordance with the set flow of the product, our experts pass-on the designs to development team to do the next level of magic.



After the UI designs are ready, the Project Manager creates a project plan as per the scope of work pre-sales team had defined in the business proposal. The Project plan is the good book explaining the complete development front work which developer’s craft it. The project plan will serves as the bible for our developers to kick-off the project. We follow distributed agile methodology for project management so that team can work as per the defined roadmap and changes can be take care at any point of time. Hence, we develop robust and scalable product. We divide the complete scope into sprints and execute it accordingly. As a part of our usual process, we send across the build releases as per the defined milestone to ensure that the team stick to project deadlines and no delay in the project delivery.


Testing & QA

As a part of our development process, we perform all QC and Testing procedures. Testing and development go hand in hand so that client will receive intermediate builds for testing at the completion of each defined milestones covering the features listed in task list. The test teams prepare different documents to improve the communication among the team members and other stakeholders. These documents are also know as test deliverables, which are delivered to client along with final product. Our expert testing team collaborate with developers at every phase of the project to make sure no build it pass-on to the client without quality checks.



B2C server team help you to launch the application in a specific environment. Deployment starts once the code is thoroughly tested and approved for release from the production environment. As a part of our development services, we assist you to configure and set-up the application to the live server. As a procedure, we carries out two step process by first staging the application, and then activating it after successful staging. Our server experts mainly involved in installation, configuration, testing and making changes to optimize the performance of the application. We give complete training to all our clients in case any server complication arises.


Support & Maintenance

As we focused on creating well-designed applications, our team will support you throughout the product life-cycle. From bug fixing to major application overhauls, from adding new features to corrective maintenance, we will remain with you. We will provide you free maintenance for a given time for the project we’ve developed and post that we offer exclusive support and maintenance packages based upon the project future enhancement plan. Under support period, we provide weekly and monthly maintenance reports which help you to understand the health of the project and you can test, measure, analyse and build next level business strategy.

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