7 key Tips to hire Angular Developers

Angular, a great choice for frontend application development, well, the next step is to find the team of developers that can help you to transform your idea into reality. But that’s one hell of a task isn’t it?

While hiring a dedicated angular developer or a team, their skills, knowledge and experience should be taken into consideration. This blog from team B2C Info Solutions brings to you 7 important tips to hire the right angular developers for overall success of the project.

But before we jump over to that let’s discuss few things that you must consider while finalizing angular developers for your project.

Key Responsibilities of Angular Developers

While you have narrowed down the front-end framework for your project, so it is very important to know the features and skills that angular developers should possess. So what will be their responsibilities? Here are some

  • Development of Interactive User Interface with consistent performance across web and mobile platforms.
  • Creation of a component lifecycle and facilitating two-way binding interaction between components.
  • Building Strong communication between the application and the backend services like HTTP clients and APIs.
  • Ability to use message brokers and handling asynchronous programming.
  • Skills in testing are required too, unit testing, end to end testing and integration testing.

7 key Skills that you remember while hiring Angular Developers

Now we know have an overview of the key responsibilities let’s take a look at some must-have skills.

Q1. Are they experts in JavaScript?

As you know Angular is built on JavaScript, it is highly recommended that the entire application is built on the same programming language. However, typescript being a subset of JavaScript (JS) so if a candidate has great expertise in JS frameworks then he/she can develop the app in a short period of time. Developers can simply extract an existing JS Code and plug it into the Typescript (.ts) file and the application will work fine.  Along with you can save money and time by utilizing JS developers who have good experience in Typescript.

Q2. Are they Skilled in their relevant technologies?

For a front-end developer profile having complete knowledge about one particular framework is not going to be useful in the long run. So while hiring angular developers do make sure the resources have good experience in other technologies that are relevant to Angular.

For instance: Angular and Node.js is a perfect combination for back-end development as well. In addition to Angular with Spring Boot can be adapted to deliver a secure and reliable user experience.

Q3. Do they have basic knowledge of Testing?

There is a growing demand for automation testing since clients require their digital solutions to be launched quickly. Right from unit testing to end-to-end testing, there is a huge number of testing tools available in the market. And with that said just like everything in this world, Angular has its own pros and cons. Things can go pretty quick wrong if the solution is not tested the way it should be. So angular developers should know how to use testing tools like Karma, jest, etc.

Q4. Are they well-familiar with JavaScript Build Tools?

While developing apps, developers have to manage everything build packages, optimize images, and invalidate caches, and more. So performing these tasks would be so time-consuming and will prone to errors. Some of the best tools for Angular are:

  • Web Pack- An open-source JS Module that combines all the elements of application resources into a large big file.
  • Grunt- A task runner that helps developers to automate their important tasks such as linting, unit testing, etc.
  • Gulp- A cross-platform that enhances the overall flow of work.

    These build tools enable developers to multitask and focus on the core areas that require extra attention.

Q5. Do they follow Material Design Guidelines?

Google launched its Material Design Guidelines in 2014, many companies have started picked up these standards to design their websites. Ultimately these practices are to be followed in the app development as well.  If the angular developer is capable of following these guidelines given by Google then he/she would be able to craft visually appealing apps.

Q6. Are they experienced in AI-integrated App Development?

There is nothing wrong in saying that AI (Artificial Intelligence) has completely changed the complexion of web and mobile app development As of now, more and more companies are focusing on adding “intelligent elements” to their app. So without further a due, it is one of the necessary skills front-end development should possess.

Q7. Do they have a learning ability?

We all agree that mobile &web development is one field where there is always something to learn. Be it a tool or new practice then we are always on the lookout. As a front-end development framework, Angular is believed to have a steep mainly due to continuous evolution in the framework. However, the learning largely depends on the level of JS that one possesses. So there are a lot of online programs that can developers learn Typescript in less than two days to kick off the project.

How B2C can assist in hiring Angular Developers?

Hire dedicated Angular Developers from B2C to upscale your development requirements and meet tight client deadlines.

We can help you with

  • Enterprise solutions
  • Transforming web apps into progressive web apps
  • Build SPWs (Single-page web applications)
  • Enhance speed and performance of your apps.

All you need to do is select an engagement model and our team can be an extended part of your team. We offer simple and flexible contracts and NDA for complete confidentially.

Willing to take us on board or have some more questions? To get the best answers you can connect at info@b2cinfosolutions.com.

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