8 Signs Prompting Redesigning of your Website

Reasons for designing the website

Now with the changing vast world of internet, a great designed and user-friendly websites get more traffic and engage users. Every website design in Singapore is to convert visitors into customers but is only possible if your web design Singapore and structure are proper and embedded with commendable features.  

On the other hand, if website design is not up to mark then it can lead to disastrous results. If you have already developed a website for your business then when was the last time you had redesigned the website? B2C Info Solutions a top-notch producer of website development in Singapore provides an answer to that question and you might think of redesigning it. 

It is important to know that websites are changeable. WordPress website is always advised by the industry experts as it fulfills the requirements of your audience and business as well.

Before purchasing any product or avail any services people do Google about it. A recent study revealed 87% of buyers do their product analysis before they purchase things.

Visitors will leave your website in a few seconds. If your website doesn't demonstrate the product or services you offer, they will purchase or avail the required services from another website if yours is taking time to get load.

Your online existence is really important for business growth if you want to generate leads. In addition to that WordPress website always comes with three main things. Firstly, you can find it easily; Secondly, navigate smoothly and lastly eye-catchy designs

There are a few things that you must consider for your website. The following points show you why you should reconsider your website design.

  1. Visually outdated website- Your first impression matters to your website visitors. Your visually outdated website demonstrates that you are not well aware of the latest trends. It also reflects that you don't care about it. Moreover, it is fact that your website finds your website unattractive then you don't click to site all over again and stop scrolling. If your website was designed in the 2000s then you should redesign it using WordPress and Plugins. Perhaps you may lose your valuable customers as they don't have an idea what product or service your company offers. So you have to update your website in the same way as others are doing it to increase sales. 


  1. Low conversions and High Bounce rate- When users visit your site and not completing the activity you want them to finish, the reason behind this is low conversion. If you are running an e-commerce website then your goal is to get more customers and make them purchase your products or services. However, you are operating an informational website where the ultimate goal is to get users signing up for your unique content. If your visitors are doing it then there is a need for redesigning the website using WordPress.If more visitors are spending more time on your website then it is a sign that they are interested in what you offer to them. The long time they spend on your website, so there is a high chance of them for converting or visit the website the next day. But if a visitor doesn't convert then it means it is a loss. Converting the users into customers cannot be achieved by an old-fashion website.


  1. Taking too much to load- If your website takes more than three seconds to load then you must update your website. Research reveals that half of the visitors leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and an independent study demonstrates that each extra second load time to a website resulted in 7% fewer conversions.


  1. The Website doesn't have fresh content- Without having fresh content it would be hard for you to get hold attraction and engagement of the customers. However, fresh content increases website publicity in the search results boosts the quality of the website, and visitors will come back to your website.


  1. Difficult to Navigate- On your website, particular web pages are always found easily For instance what your company does (About us), products and services, and how to contact them. If visitors are unable to find the content within a few clicks of the mouse then on a serious note you need to redesign your website. 


  1. Contains Dead links- These links are also known as broken links. The dead links redirect visitors to the 404 error page which usually results in them leaving the website. 


  1. Low Search Engine Rankings-If your website has low search rankings then you must design your website by seeking the expertise of professional website design company in Singapore Around 95% of the users do not go past the 1st page for further options. It means that they find what they want immediately or cannot bother to search more. Google favors only meaningful content that is relevant to user's search queries. If your URL form is broken then it less likely to be showing up in the top searches.


  1. Doesn't reflect your marketing goals or missions- If your company's mission, marketing goals, and services offered have modified so that it must be reflected on your website. If your website does it reflect then it is time to reflect it, then it is time to redesign your website. Visitors to your website are always able to understand easily what you offer. Whenever you have a new offer perhaps you need to add new pages with a proper description of products and services especially the home to attract new customers


  1. Excessive technical troubleshooting-   The biggest trouble arises when instead of giving good support to your customers you have to spend more time on troubleshooting and technical support. On your website, if you need to spend more time fixing technical features then you should look for hosting options and the whole framework and navigation of the whole website.

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