Best Frameworks for Building Progressive Web Apps ahead 2021

Frameworks to be considered for building PWA ahead 2021


With Continuous evolution, technology has changed our lifestyles completely. Whether it acts watching television or the way mobile has assisted us in our daily schedules this is all because of technology. 

Businesses have been adapting to the changing trends in order to cope up with the cutting-throat Competition. And those who haven’t managed have to be shut down their operation. For an instance, the big brand Nokia has lost battles to big names like Samsung, Apple. 

As per a recent study, currently, there are 3.3 billion smartphone users and the numbers are projected to reach around 4 billion in the next three years. 

Smartphones are providing a great platform for businesses to reach customers directly. And very quickly, it has become a highly influential channel for loyalty and engagement. 

Just like other technologies, mobile phones have evolved. One technology that has taken over is progressive web Apps.

Best PWA App frameworks ahead 2021

One thing is for sure PWA is taking the world of smartphones by its edge. If you are a thing of app marketing as well, the first step is to the framework to build it.

There are numerous frameworks available however all are not up to the mark. Here are the best ones you can consider provided by the top mobile app development company in Bangalore


The framework was introduced by Google back in 2009 is my most favorite for progressive web apps. The structure makes use of JavaScript to create responsive and reliable apps. 

 Previously, version 5 of the framework was introduced by Google and this included a new service worker. This component played a massive role in boosting the built-in support from Angular

Recently Angular 8 has been introduced to the market. It has two additional CLI Commands that further simplify the download and installation process of the web onto a device. 

Merits of using Angular 

  • Easy Implementation ever since the methodology used is clearly defined 
  • Includes IntelliSense and Typescript 
  • Intense back support powered by Google

Disadvantages of using Angular

  • You need to learn Typescript to use the framework 
  • It is combatively complex than other frameworks.


 It is supported by Facebook, this is yet another popular and functional framework. It is famous among developers due to its extensive JavaScript Library. In this, there are various available packages to scale up their app and project further. 

Benefits of React Framework

  • A pervasive system
  • The framework assists in creating scalable and functional apps. 
  • rendering process is quite impressive thanks to virtual DOM 
  • Facebook maintains the code that ensures smooth operations and support

Disadvantages of React 

    • Compared to JavaScript, the framework is quite complex
    • The more you opt for flexibility, the more issues will arise
    • There is no defined methodology hence implementation is tricky 


 If you are new to the programming field, the chances are might not you have heard of Vue. This is often compared to Angular and React. But this doesn’t mean that it is not that good at all. The framework has one of the fastest-growing libraries among all other frameworks. 

The main reason behind its so much success is its high speed and simplistic coding. Same as react you can use additional packages to fasten up or scale up your apps. 

Advantages of using Vue

  • Big players like Laravel support the framework
  • Since the code is simple, it is easy to learn for new developers
  • The framework is quite simple and has similar concepts like angular and react

Demerits of Vue

  • There is not much community support as the framework is not owned by an individual or a team 
  • The flexibility pop-ups issues when used


It is an open-source framework introduced in 2013 and its foundation is apache, Cordova. As of now, the framework is used to create over 6 million hybrid apps. It contains library components for both iOS and Android platform

Perks of Ionic

  • Since the framework is open to use anytime thus it decreases the cost of development
  • It is easier for developers to learning 
  • It has a large community of users
  • It contains extensive library components thus, no need for coding while accessing APIs. 

There is only a disadvantage of this framework which is you need to rework the app frequently with all the latest changes updated. 


 This framework has been introduced by Google and is open-source just like other frameworks. It has a wide variety of tools such as templates and other web components. This makes it a magnificent choice for Progressive Web Apps as the operation is quite simplified. The framework is open to HTML, CSS making it more independent. 

Key benefits of Polymer

  • API is easy to understand
  • It supports routing, data tier, and responsive layouts

Disadvantages of Polymer

  • The framework takes high reloading time
  • No official IDE
  • It is not SEO-friendly 

Final Words

Each of the above-mentioned frameworks has managed to deliver convenience to the development team and to various businesses. Choosing the right framework is the first and crucial step to develop progressive web apps. The best framework implementation depends on your business requirement. So choose the right framework and development team that can guide you for the best web app solutions that will benefit your business and targeted customers as well. 

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