How AI and ML is beneficial for Mobile App Development

Complete Rundown of AI & ML in revolutionizing the Mobile Application Development


Many industries today recognize the immense impact of Artificial Intelligence & Mobile Learning on the technological world and the way we interact with it. 

The areas of technology which we were seeing in the movies and being excited about are now tailoring a customized experience in our lives. From consuming digital media to driving a car, everything is adapting and tuning itself to our behaviour using AI & ML. 

Even every business that's struggling to acquire new users as well as retain the older ones is now acquainting how creatively Artificial Intelligence & Mobile Learning can flip their negative balance sheets into positive ones.

Before you spend a few more valuable minutes of your life reading ahead about ‘How AI & ML is revolutionizing the entire scenario of mobile app development’, we would like to toss some light on the basics, for an enhanced understanding of yours. 

Artificial intelligence (AI): It allows computers to work as humans do, such as voice recognition, vision, decision making, and translation between languages.

Machine/Mobile learning (ML): It involves educating computer systems to recognize patterns in the way human brains understand them.

Deep Learning: It can be explained as a process of teaching neurons how to solve a particular programming problem.

Neural Network: A neural network consists of several networks or artificial neurons where the output of one neuron acts as the input for the next neuron.

According to various surveys conducted around the world, the wide adoption of AI & ML in mobile applications has eliminated the worries humans used to have regarding complicated things and pre-requisite business data. As now AI-enabled mobile apps can take care of them easily.

  • ‘Microsoft’ believes that 44% of organizations fear losing out to start-ups due to the slow implementation of AI in their businesses.

  • ‘Fortune Business Insights’ researched & predict that the global machine learning market will address a CAGR of 39.2%, nearly $117.19 billion by 2027.

  • Even the 'Wall Street Journal' depicts the rising potential by 14% in the global GDP until 2030, due to the shrewd advancements in AI & Machine Learning.

How AI & ML is beneficial for mobile app development?

As the demand of every individual in the economy is becoming specific to a niche, the need for a more personalized experience is rising fast. Here's how the integration of AI & ML in mobile app development helps businesses to thrive: -

1) Personalized Recommendations

Giving personalized recommendations to your customers is one of the most in-demand benefits of using AI in mobile apps. Because the attention period of the audience has reduced to micro-seconds, it has become necessary to supply them only the relevant information. 

Mobile app developers use AI algorithms that understand the behaviour of users, and keep them engaged by offering only suitable deals.

We also, are unknowingly contributing to this ecosystem, when we binge-watch the movies & tv shows recommended to us by Netflix, or shop some product on Amazon/Flipkart which is recommended to us by their AI after analysing our behaviour & preferences. 

Studies show if businesses use AI in mobile app development and operates on making relevant suggestions to their customers, they can improve their profits unexpectedly by tons!

2) Improved Security & Fast Authentication

Aside from all the cool benefits, AI & ML also helps in streamlining the security and authentication protocols. Facial & fingerprint sensors enabled with AI functions help in determining the essential security functions within applications. 

These features help users to set up biometric data as a security authentication step in their mobile devices. These may include recognition of images, automation of product labelling, logistics optimization, commercial intelligence, and portfolio management.

Zoom session and BioID are perfect examples of apps leveraging rigid security by unifying AI & ML in mobile applications.

3) Anti-Phishing & Fraud Detection

Due to the sudden surge in the cases of fraudulent activities, particular industries like banking, finance, and real money gaming are benefitting from ML to utilize data and perform various security checks.

Banking AI apps limit loan defaults, perform credit card fraud checks, and also assists in determining an individual's capability to take care of a loan, & security related to it. 

4) Kills Monotony & Lifts Productivity

If you do monotonous tasks repeatedly, it not only makes the job tedious but also depletes your creativity and resources. These same monotonous tasks can be automated with AI and machine learning, enabling your business to focus on other important aspects of it & lift the productivity scale.

5) Data Mining & User Engagement

Data discovery is another powerful benefit you can provide to your business model. Machine Learning offers data algorithms that improve themselves over time by gaining experience. These data sets can be used effectively & efficiently to raise the user engagement level. 

AI development services provide incentives & features based on data, to keep the user stick to your business's application & services. This is also quite handy for entertainment purposes.

Top existing AI technologies already in action with mobile apps

1) Speech Recognition

Using voice commands to control your system has improved over time. With nearly zero latency and bug-free performance, Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are making the world of tech more enjoyable & convenient for the users.

Countless app development companies integrate speech recognition into apps to match the latest AI trends & to make it more user accordant.

2) Chatbots

Chatbots are virtual assistants of a company that caters to the visitor or client on the company's digital presence in absence of any real attendor. This artificial intelligence feature always stays in high demand while developing business applications.

Some of the popular companies using high-end virtual assistant chatbots include Apple, IBM, Google, Satisfy, Artificial Solutions, Adobe, Creative Visual, etc.

3) Biometrics

Biometrics is an intelligent AI technology that analyses human behaviour and recognizes the physical aspects, like shape, structure, size, & weight of the human body.

The biometric AI technology also comprises voice control, gesture control, fingerprints, eye vision control, and multiple sensory recognitions. This tech is widely used for marketing & research purposes.

4) Emoticon Recognition

Though this one is still under progression, it is quite a hot tech & topic among start-ups & social apps. Emoticon recognition technology operates on audio & image data. It uses image recognition technology as well and based on human voice tone & subtle speech signals, suggests enjoyable emoticons for a more impactful conversation.

How to use AI & ML in Mobile Applications? (Experts’ Words)

Finalizing the AI technology or feature you want to be in your application is the primary move you need to make. Though, here are some things to keep on the note before proper implementation of AI & ML into mobile applications.

#1 Identify what are you offering through AI

When the technology is planned to apply in a single feature of an application, it provides you a free hand to exploit it maximally. So, identify first, what exactly you tend to offer by implementing AI in your mobile application. Is it for a better recommendation? Is it for user engagement? Or is it for user convenience? And then request the data accordingly.

#2 Comprehend your data

Before you proceed directly towards app development, develop an understanding of how your app will collect data and where will it come from. Make a plan to understand the data after fetching and refining it. Because you wouldn't want to feed unclean and non-informative data to your AI module which brings nasty results.

#3 Don't push the APIs too hard!

You have to realize that API (Application Programming Interfaces) will not suffice to support a full-featured AI solution. Although they will turn your ordinary application into an AI application, the smarter it needs to be, the more data modelling it needs.

#4 Have a way to measure your AI's effectiveness

There is no point in implementing AI or ML in your mobile application if you have nothing to measure its effectiveness. And, for that, you must have an understanding of what are you trying to solve with it. Hence, before diving straight into the action, have an outlook of want's your aim to do with AI.

#5 Use strong supporting aids for your app

Your application must have a strong set of technology & digital solutions backing it up. Your backup software, security tools, storage space & optimizing services should be a virtue. If not these all, you might witness a major drop in performance.

Final words!

Now that you know how Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence empowers the mobile application & offers enough customization features to make it more useful, incorporating these technologies in your business's mobile application would be one of the smartest & future-proofing decisions. 

So, make a move & stand apart from your competitors by achieving the maximum potential of your business. Gift your business a fully AI & ML enabled smartphone application built by the 10+ years of experienced team of developers at B2C Info Solutions. 

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