Top 6 Tech Stacks that are dominating Software Development in 2022

Top 6 Tech Stacks for Software Development in 2022

What are crucial things that you would consider while developing software for your enterprise or a startup? Along with planning your budget, time and effort you need to have the right tech stack to get your project off the ground successfully.

What is a Software Stack? Why do you have to choose one? What is some popular software that is currently ruling the market? Well, this post from B2C Info Solutions brings to you some exciting ones that are dominating this year. Make sure you read till the end.

What is a technology Stack?

A technology stack also known as a software stack is a data ecosystem that enlists the underlying tools, frameworks, and libraries used to build and run your application. For instance, Facebook’s exhaustive application stack includes PHP, React, Swift and host other major frameworks.

A tech stack is broadly divided into two client-side (frontend) and server-side (Backend). While backend technologies include web frameworks programming language servers and operating systems, front-end technologies include HTML, CSS, Javascript, and libraries.

Why Choose Tech Stack for your application?

Software Stacks are to your applications, what a deep foundation you are up to. The competitiveness and viability of your application depend upon the technology stack that you choose. Your tech stack largely influences your software in many ways such as:

1. How your App works

2. How it will behave in the future

3. The scalability of your product

4. The purpose of your project/business

5. Your choice of data and application storage (Cloud or local)

6. The capacity of server systems


Here are some leading tech stacks for 2022

  1. MEAN Stack- The MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular JS is one of the most popular tech stacks of 2022. Being an end-to-end Javascript stack, you single language throughout your stack. Thus, you have the opportunity to reuse code across the entire application. Decreasing needless reinvention. Another advantage of using MEAN is that all the technologies are free and open-source with the support of the community.


  1. The MERN Stack- The MERN stack is very similar to MEAN in which React Replaces Angular. Well, React Uses Virtual DOM changes that can be implemented easily. React Uses JSX which is the modification of Javascript, enabling seamless components. Since 2022 are all about enhancing UI, MERN stands to gain. However, while working with React, developers have to deal with limited core functionality since React is a library and not a framework.


  1. The MEVN Stack- In this version of MEAN, Angular is replaced by Vue.js as a front-end framework. This framework is shown immense popularity over the last few years. Its popularity is expected to continue to 2022 as it is a lightweight solution compared to Angular Vue.JS basic out-of-the-box functionality.


  1. The Lamp Stack- The Lamp can be termed as a Classic, time-tested stack of technologies- Linux, MYSQL. The Lamp still remains one of the most common ways to deliver web applications and was one of the first open-source software Stacks which is widely used.  Popular Open-source CMS such as WordPress and Drupal use Lamp. The stability, simplicity, and power that accompany Lamp have made it the platform of choice for developing customized web apps.


  1. The Serverless Stack- Well, this is the perfect year to build cloud infrastructure or in layman terms serverless.  Serverless computing platforms provide all the services and tools thus making infrastructure management much simpler. You can easily scale up to hundreds of thousands of users overnight.  Well, in this category the perfect example is AWS Lamba was one of the first serverless platforms. Google Cloud is yet another significant provider of serverless computing services.


  1. Flutter for Web- Flutter For web is called a real game-changer when it comes to cross-app development. It uses the same UI and Business logic on all platforms. With Flutter, you don’t have to spend time on deployment. You can fix bugs, add new features and build UI without compromising the quality and speed.


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