Key uses of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Supply Chain

Some Key uses of ML and AI in logistics and supply chain

With the changing trends, we are witnessing rapid growth in the fields of big data, connectivity, and processing every single day. These technologies have made the performance and accessibility and favorable cost of AI has made them more commercial.

The introduction of AI and ML has completely changed the complexion of the unorganized and fragmented logistics sector. These technologies have bought major changes in the logistics industry in terms of analytics, autonomous vehicles, and smart roads as well.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is almost taking every industry and sector which is there to be offered.  AI and ML can be of great help when it comes to the whole supply chain sphere; it helps in human error-free work, reducing time, and not only has that also predicted future and challenges.

 Logistics and supply is one industry where AI is showing its flying colors by that we mean it makes supply chain management a lot easier. It has now become an important part of every organization and its upcoming software system.

Here are some uses cases which are showing how these technologies are revamping the whole supply chain and logistic industry.

Supply Chain Planning using Machine Learning

Supply chain planning is the best important activity included SCM i.e. Supply chain Management Strategy. Therefore it is very crucial to have safe and reliable tools for developing efficient plans. If you implement ML in your supply chain strategies then it can be optimized significantly. By analyzing big data sets and applying intelligent algorithms, you and your team will be able to balance both demand and supply and at the same time optimize the delivery processes.

Warehousing Management in logistics via Machine Learning

Proper warehouse and inventory management is a must for scalable supply chain planning. How can we say this? See, both under and overstock can be a real threat to your business and destroy the most strategically defined SCP.  Machine learning and its advanced features can completely transform warehouse management for the better. And again, intelligence can analyze a big data set much faster than you will even be able to do and easily avoid all the human mistakes.

Tracking and Warehousing Analysis

CV known as Computer Vision is the field that is responsible for developing techniques that help computers to analyze and understand images and videos. And this is exactly that tool that can provide you with warehouse automation and solve multiple tasks. For instance, computer vision systems can read bar code while reading process, therefore accelerating and simplifying it.  They can also monitor the warehouse parameter and can analyze the data, preventing all thefts and frauds.

AI in Logistics for predicting Demand

To enhance supply chain efficiency, you can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve your order process. Just in case you are trying to do something like this, you will be able to get an analysis of all the factors that may influence the demand. Using these techniques you would be able to make effective decisions.

Supplier Selection and Supplier Relationship Management

Collaborating with a reliable and trusted supplier is yet another daunting task. If you make a wrong choice then it can largely affect your business operations. In the worst, you need to shut down your business as well.  But if you apply Machine learning to set data set based on the audits, instance, and credit scoring.  You will get reliable predictions for every interaction with your potential and existing supplier. This will help you to build a strong relationship with suppliers and for a successful business.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a need for every organization and the steps involved in this process are recruiting, employment development, and performance management. ML and AI can simplify them and make your workforce planning strategy more efficient. With this, you will get a more productive team. And with this, your business will ultimately become a success.

Usage of Drones for delivering products

Amidst this pandemic, the usage of drones in the latest solutions enables logistics companies to deliver products to the most difficult locations.  Companies often struggle to get their packages delivered where the ground is not safe at all or reliable or even in the worst-case not possible at all.

Drones have certainly revolutionized delivery logistics especially, for companies such as pharmaceuticals where products have a shorter shelf life. Thanks to drones who have made safe delivery possible.

Chatbots- AI solution automating customer service

Every organization operating in the logistics sector knows how many efforts do it takes up to provide premium customer service. The customer expects that companies should answer all their queries immediately.

So how can you tackle this issue, the perfect answer to that question is chatbots. They can take over the most of call center tasks such as tracking shipments, delivery requests, recording, and answering all the frequently asked questions.

In addition, chatbots can also analyze customer experiences and draw conclusions on how to improve them. Companies can now better understand their customers’ needs and respond immediately.

AI Boosting Sales and Marketing Departments

AI Solutions plays a crucial role in improving marketing processes in logistics Companies. One of the many examples is email marketing. This is usually a time-consuming process but with automated thanks to AI for speeding up things.

Wrapping Up

Companies face heavy pressure to implement AI and Machine learning to enhance operational efficiency and streamline business with advanced and effective systems. Advanced technologies can also assist logistics businesses to provide the ability to optimize production, logistics, and final delivery at various levels.

With the above-used cases, we can say that implementing these technologies in your logistics business is an added advantage. It enables you to focus on any major tasks of your business.

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