Mistakes that every developer should avoid while developing React Native Apps

General mistakes that should avoid while developing React Native Apps

React native is a prime choice for app development. Entrepreneurs and developers are quite happy to use the framework that allows developers to develop digital projects swiftly. As it is said “prevention is better than cure” this blog from the leading app development company i.e. B2C Info Solutions brings to some common mistakes that you must avoid while the app development process.

So without further ado, let us start straight away.  

But before we move on to the common mistakes, let’s check out some perks of React Native app development.

Benefits of React Native App Development

Ever since it was introduced, React native app development comes with numerous benefits, and here are some:

  • It is quite easier to build top-notch performance applications. Not just high-rated performance, these apps are stable and more reliable.
  • To ease the learning curve, it uses Java Script so even beginners can easily get familiar with the framework.
  • It has the feature of code reusability makes the entire development process swifter.
  • The app development has friendly and exceptional UI/UX design.
  • Direct Installation method is easy.
  • Apps developed on React Native framework can consistently run on both iOS and Android platforms. Along it also paves the way for VR devices and Smart TVs as well.

Common Mistakes that you Must Avoid while developing apps on React Native framework

The framework is often considered as the “future of hybrid app development”. Just in case your team is more prone to make silly mistakes then this framework maybe not be ideal for you. So to overcome this issue, our team of experts has given you some mistakes that you should take care of while developing apps on React Native framework.

  • Improper Image Optimization- Image optimization is the essential process as far as application development is concerned. But despite this, large chunks of the app development teams often ignore this process. The load time on your website or app largely depends on optimization. Moreover, optimization will also help in resizing the images locally assisting in cloud storage as well. Thus, to develop a full-fledged and bug-free application, you should take this common mistake in your mind.
  • Misaligned Redux Store planning- A developer must focus on innovative things for every new project or new app.  But when you plan more for the app layout, you are committing common mistakes. Competent redux store planning is necessary as it assists in data handling as well.  So when you mess up the redux planning, you have dug own your grave.

 Here are some steps that can help you stay away from this common React Native App Development.

  1. Always configure the store.
  2. Focus on adding more reducers and combining them.
  3. Do not forget to build a store hierarchy and organize your files in order.
  4. Give a keen thought to add middleware.
  • Not providing enough details- Poor estimation is one of the major mistakes in react native. Yes, there is a number of reusable components available for developers in both iOS and Android developers. Along with the structure, the page can be completely different for both iOS and Android. Thus, it is essential that developers should pay attention to all the details.
  • Neglecting writing a unit test- The habit of working on written unit test is a react native app development mistake that most of the developers usually make. Yes, moving forward without a properly documented unit can put in real trouble. Moreover, if you fix this bug then the end-product will be glitches-free.
  • Not paying heed to protocols- Not following basic guidelines and protocols of react native app development could leave your app in waste. Thus, developers and designers must always follow all the latest practices. The framework offers a large pool of best coding practices that developers should follow.  Moreover, ignoring common coding practices will hinder the overall development process.
  • Not Paying Attention to Project Structure- There is nothing wrong in saying that complex applications have a homogenous structuring which is often confusing. So, the erroneous layout can make project handling quite difficult. The developers should understand that there are various ways to structure a project. Thus, they should never ignore the basic structuring of the project.

Final words

React native has all the components for developing unmatchable hybrid apps. The only thing that all the developers must keep in mind is to keep away all the mentioned mistakes. React Native framework is currently used by all the major giant companies of the world such as Skype, Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram.

So what are you waiting for? Hire a React Native app developer or a dedicated team for your next project from us. In case you have any queries or questions then feel free to connect with us at info@b2cinfosolutions.com.

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