Things you need to keep in mind before developing apps for foldable phones

Major factors you need to consider before you begin to develop apps for foldable devices

It’s been more than since the tech giant Google has announced the support for foldable phones. A big hype was created when the first foldable phone from Samsung was introduced. The slicking design and other factors make it more fascinating for the customers and the Interactive interface experience.

The larger the experience, the next level features it will, this is just a general perception of most of the people.

In this article, we will talk about things that a developer needs to keep in mind while developing an app for foldable devices.

How Foldable Devices Impact App Development?

The sudden increase in the number of foldable phone owners globally directly impacts the mobile app development process. All the customized mobile app solutions for education, travel, and transportation, A mobile app developed for a single or small screen is completely needed to focus on some aspects and that includes Size, Configuration, flexibility, and the like for other different screens.

UI/UX designing is crucial for the users to provide a next-level experience. However, this can be complicated sometimes; developers need to focus more on designing apps for foldable devices. As a business owner, you need to collaborate with a development agency that caters to all your requirements and fits in your budget too.

So without any further ado, let’s start and discuss the things that you must keep in mind.  

  • Screen Continuity- User experience for seamless continuity for what you are doing, after unfolding or Folding. It is very important for a great user experience that whatever user interacting and informative way and dive deeper into the current task. During the transition from the Fold to unfold the app you will receive the configuration change.  To make sure that the app will properly support the runtime configuration Change.  Unfolding triggers a configuration change for the smallest screen size. Screen Layout and Screensize. To provide optimum experience declare resizable layout= true in the manifest.
  • Multi-Resume- All the recent activities at the top in a multi-window need to be in resumed to continue the next level user experience.  The mobile application must be able to resume as per the user requirements when the screen gets folded or unfolded. For the android devices having a version of Android 10 plus has been resolved from the issue. All the applications in the multi-resume can be resumed without any glitch or technical obligations.
  • Resizability-  The applications for all the foldable devices must be compatible with the large screen as well as with the smaller screen essentially.  Apart from this, the resizability of the application must be kept into account while you are crafting them. They must be well compatible with multi-window mode while developing the application made for custom foldable smartphones.
  • Support for Multiple Screens- The applications for foldable devices are the multi- resume features. They can decide which screen is to be kept to be primary and which one to be kept secondary. The application must be resumed according to either of the screen sizes, the text as well as the configuration.
  • Aspect Ratio- The application developed for foldable devices or smartphones must meet the different aspect ratios for adjusting multiple devices.  The applications must be tested for all the configurations used by the brands for building foldable devices to offer a seamless user experience and easy navigation as well.  The quality of the applications must remain the same in the multi-window as they must offer effective resuming.

Final words

Developing applications for foldable devices is not that daunting as it seems to be. It is just an extension of the already possessed knowledge that requires constant testing for a seamless approach and offering a better user experience. The key to developing successful mobile applications for foldable devices with larger screens is an extensive search on the user requirements, the challenges faced by the customers, and testing multiple times to ensure enhanced ROI.

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