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We were introduced to Asia Telecom with the concept of creating an app for them which wants to serve the millions of India with the Aggregator Platform with the combined services of recharging the DTH Service, Booking the flight at cheapest rates, recharging the mobile with prepaid and postpaid plans and shopping service through their application with creative ideas.


We started analyzing different platforms for creating the design. So the first challenge which came across to us is the API Integration with the Application, though we are the best providers of resources related to API across different genre vendors across NCR. We also need to consider the best platform for developing the app whether in Android or IOS since these main systems has its own UI objects and patterns. Then Payment Gateway Feature which is basically a bridge between the payment solution for user and the provider and they also wanted to improve the user experience.


Our Mobile Development Team approached this project as a partnership with the internal Web development team. This allowed the combined team to move forward in sync and with a high degree of confidence that the development team would be able to support the application in the long term.

The team made user experience design decisions based on best practices, and leveraged existing code to provide a user-friendly and cost-effective solution.

The first stage of work involved a technology assessment to identify the best long-term technical solution for the Asia Telecom that would provide: a user-friendly interface, rich functionality and a supportable architecture. To achieve these objectives, a hybrid application solution was selected, developed, tested and implemented.

  • Easy Access to Browsing Plans of Different Operators: The application allows customers to quickly view different browsing plans across different operators in mobiles as well as for the DTH Service.

  • Intuitive User Interface: The user interface follows mobile conventions for IOS and Android applications, as well as Asia Telecom Shopping mall, allowing users to easily understand by navigating them to different services.

  • Flexible Solution & Real Time Solutions : The system architecture is designed to allow additional functions to be added to the application over time by providing the real time availability of flights and booking them also; and to allow the same application to be uniquely branded for different Services.

  • We worked closely with the third party software to smoothly integrate necessary information and run in-depth testing and quality control.


The team completed the mobile application within the projected timeline. With Phase 1 complete, the project has passed onto Phase 2, where marketing team will take the reins to reach a broader base of users. With Our app, we offer bespoke solutions that support their multi-channel strategies. B2C Info Solutions maintenance team will monitor ongoing performance in the long-term to prevent issues from occurring.

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